Greetings Bill.

After completing your book “Faces of the Tsunami” at a stretch this evening, I scribe this note with tears gleaning from my eyes and heart filled with gratitude.

In the remaining years of my life, humility and dedication that exudes from every page of such will indeed be a constant source of inspiration to this novice volunteer.

To me, your inner sense of leadership was parallel to none when every time you exhibited mindful firmness in dealing with and in seeking right contextual solution for every complex situations that arose during such a mega multinational, mutli-organizational, multi-jurisdictional and multicultural humanitarian assist mission at Banda Aceh and at Nias Island - with a sole purpose of serving the best interests of suffering human beings far from our shores.

Yes, you were chosen and privileged to serve those incredible people and yes, the crescendo of emotions that you so humanly noted on pp 118, has in my mind made you to witness and resonate with the presence of Almighty. A note from a patient on pp 136 was also heart-wrenching to read. And yes, who wouldn't bow head and share their salutations with you while reading your last thoughts so eloquently ascribed on pp 144-146! Herewith, I share my regards to Nurse Mrs. Linley York noted on pp 173. In the end, your concluding Sitrep dated 21st April from Nias Island (pp 189-193) sums it all-up as it shines a flood light on greater values in support of such humanitarian missions.

I am privileged to share such in my earnest and I am glad that our paths crossed.  I thank you and I pray I live up to the fine quote that you so generously penned on the front page of my personally autographed copy of your book.

I look forward to seeing you at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach on August 25th and to hearing in person these awe-inspiring human stories.

My highest personal regards to Mrs. McDaniel whose contributions to your endeavor have been inestimable!

Sharing my “terima kasih”.

- A Well Wisher


Bill I just finished your book. I enjoyed reading the things that you told us about on your visits to Blackwell. It touched our hearts as well as yours.

It was so refreshing to hear the positive things our great nation can do in the would rather than the negative things we keep hearing on the news in the last few years.

Hope you, and Shirley can make it to Blackwell when on one of your trips around the country.

Best wishes

- Mick & Billie