Why “faces?”  Primarily because I remember them all so well; I expect all of us involved remember them, and will never forget them.

We as a nation respond massively to virtually every natural disaster where lots of people are affected.  Our military is always the biggest responder, but we also respond as individuals, as corporations, and as NGO’s (non-governmental organizations like Project Hope and Mercy Ships).  We give more money, time, effort, and more of our hearts than any nation has ever done in history. 

This book is intended to accomplish several things, but the two most notable are to put names to the individuals and organizations involved, and shed some light on those incredible people we were so privileged to meet and attempt to help, the Indonesians…both Moslem and Christian,  mostly the poorest of the poor in that country.  They were devout, kind, thankful for our efforts, incredibly brave, and oh, so strong in their faith and love for each other and for us.  

This book tells their stories, in a small way.  It tells our stories as we steamed to the rescue, only to be overwhelmed by their resilience, by them, by their faces. 

I hope you enjoy it.

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